Our Investment Strategy

Treasure Capital is keen on providing growth capital to promising companies with the potential to become industry or market leaders in the right sectors. Through our investment and value-add, Treasure Capital seeks to take these companies to their next level in corporate milestones and profitability. We approach our ventures with the following four fundamental principles:



Treasure Capital has been in the business for more than a decade and despite the many challenges along the way, the fire to excel both for ourselves and our portfolio companies has never dwindled. We take pride in helping our portfolio companies grow from strength to strength which results in our investors’ continued support to partake in our corporate pursuits. The capable team at Treasure Capital works hard for our reputation and is committed to protect and further enhance our outstanding reputation.



Value Creation

Treasure Capital shares our expertise with portfolio companies in formulating strategic initiatives, corporate finance, balance sheet optimisation, strengthening management teams, and improving corporate governance and internal controls. This is key in eliminating ineffective practices to bring forth the competence and productivity every company needs to truly unlock its full worth.

Through corporate restructuring, a portfolio company can look forward to gaining public recognition and credibility, improved cashflow and ready capital to grow and expand the business.




We aim to build mutually-benefiting partnerships with capable and trustworthy management teams by working closely alongside them to develop successful and sustainable businesses in their respective fields of expertise. We are keen to support enterprises with strong market leadership potential which we believe is crucial to success. Under capable stewardship, these companies are well positioned to expand rapidly, either in a geographic region or globally .

Internally, Treasure Capital attracts, develop and reward exceptional people who work collaboratively, proactively sharing knowledge and expertise and delivering their personal commitment to bring the set targets to fruition.




We believe in carrying out proper due diligence on industry fundamentals and company specific matters before undertaking a portfolio company, IPO or RTO project. Treasure Capital is selective and disciplined in making these decisions. With extensive analysis and diligence, we therefore translate our understanding and expertise into rewarding investment decisions.

Treasure Capital executes transactions on a honest and transparent basis. We believe in above-the-board dealings and to succeed in the long run, short cuts are not permissible.