Our Investment Strategies


Portfolio companies are selected for investment following in-depth research and market analysis, and careful assessment of the company’s business models, management team and future plans. Treasure Capital believes in growing together with our partners for the long haul and is excited to be part of the discovery and growth path.


Once a company is successfully adopted into the Treasure Capital family, our team nurtures the portfolio company throughout the major milestones of the company’s growth, providing active support up to the exit phase. Our professionals tailor their support to the unique needs of each portfolio company enabling them to capture a leading market position.


As an investment company, Treasure Capital is not industry-specifc in our portfolio as we believe in dynamic business models and not being partial to certain “hot” industry.  Hence the companies in our diverse portfolio include mining, resources recovery & recycling, healthcare, technology and software providers, as well as promising e-commerce companies.  Our portfolio spans across the regional countries from Malaysia, Singapore to Australia.


Treasure Capital has a hybrid business model that incorporates aspects of a traditional investment firm with characteristics of a corporate-restructuring specialist.  Our area of expertise also includes capital raising to help companies achieve successful IPOs and RTOs, as well as strategic mergers & acquisitions to help companies grow and expand in today’s challenging economic climate.


Some of our current portfolio are listed below: